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Commercial Concrete Company 

Having a well-built and solid concrete foundation as the base of your building is crucial to the success of your business. Hire a concrete contractor in Alabama if you want to ensure a strong and sturdy build for your commercial business. You need a structure built to last that you can be proud of for yourself and for generations to come. Setting Redstone as your contractor, we will consider your project goals and desires while seamlessly factoring in your need for functionality when building the foundation of your project.

Our concrete building construction specialty services provides commercial concrete construction solutions for property owners, property management firms, commercial and business owners, multi-family communities, retail centers, and industrial facilities. We do services in all kinds of surfaces from concrete steps, industrial concrete contractor services, concrete slabs, driveways, sidewalks, you name it and we will make it. No need to look for concrete finishers near me because Redstone has always been right there for you.

Local Concrete Sub Contractors

We all know the joy of having a building that has been designed and constructed just for you. Our extensive history of working with a variety of commercial clients guides and industrial concrete contractors ensures your concrete construction project is structurally sound and functional as well as beautiful.

As experienced professionals, we’re prepared to handle every aspect of design and take comfort and pride in knowing that your commercial space is built on a solid foundation. Our commercial concrete foundation projects have included construction of load-bearing concrete pads, industrial floors, casinos, piers, simple to complex foundations, and many other large concrete bases for various uses.


Redstone has experience in applying multifaceted waterproofing systems featuring not only moisture protection, but also drainage enhancement, insulation value, long term warranty protection, and application by factory-trained waterproofing mechanics. Our company is committed to customer satisfaction through product quality and timely service, and our complete waterproofing capability serves to enhance the overall integrity of our foundation product.

We do waterproofing services on many areas of commercial spaces including Drain tile, Drainboard, Under slab Waterproofing, Blindside Waterproofing, Horizontal Waterproofing and Crack Injection. If you are one of the business owners who wants to waterproof their commercial area, in Huntsville Alabama, Redstone is your partner.

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